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Rent to rent

03 December 2022

London Heathrow Marriott Hotel
Bath Road Heathrow
Hayes UB3 5AN

10:00 – 19:00

Dowbusz education training


szkolenie prowadzone przez ireneusza stąporka

Rent expert and co-founder of OTIUM Apartments Ltd. In the UK since 2015. A man who tasted the bitter taste of defeat and yet did not give up.

The first years of stay are the time devoted to learning the functioning of the real estate market in the UK. He did his first trainings in the Progressive Property group – Rob Moor and Touchstone Education – Paul Smith on Service Accomodation. Graduate of the Goliath Sourcing Academy and many others. Participant of Asbiro Investors – an organization that teaches and supports many people operating in the UK.

The beginnings involve many hours of learning. He acquires knowledge by learning from English and Polish real estate investors. Together with its business partners, it successfully uses the R2R strategy. He also creates joint venture projects for buy to let. Helps you find investment properties in Bristol and its vicinity. His passion is learning and sharing his experience.

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How to start investing in real estate with little capital


Run by people who apply this strategy in the south of England (Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare), where the purchase and rental prices for real estate are higher than the average prices in the UK

What is the Rent to Rent strategy - advantages, benefits and threats

CALCULATOR - how to easily assess a property, whether it is a deal or not.

What properties to look for?

How to find the right property - SOURCING.

HMO regulations.

How to properly prepare advertising materials.

Conversations with real estate agencies.

Negotiations with the Landlords.

How to increase your credibility in negotiations.

Property management.

How to prepare a property for rent:

  • Staging
  • Cashflow maximization

Legal aspects:

  • What and where must be registered,
  • What contracts to use,
  • What insurances are required,
  • How to act so that everything is carried out in accordance with the letter of the law.

During the training, you will receive all training materials, documents and contracts prepared by a lawyer needed to start the project

what They’re Saying

Graduates’ opinions

Great training. The method of rent to disability my wife and I got interested in this April and we spent a lot of time learning and acquiring knowledge ourselves. but Irek and Ewa packed our shortcomings in this topic, for which we are very grateful !!!

A lot of practical knowledge that we could not reach ourselves! I recommend it with a clear conscience!

If you are interested in this topic, Irek and Ewa are loaded with knowledge and will be happy to help and share their knowledge and experience! Thank you again for the great training and we will definitely hear from you in the near future.

Bardzo dużo praktyczniej wiedzy takiej do której sami nie mogliśmy dotrzeć! Polecam z czystym sumieniem!

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany/a tym tematem to Irek z Ewa są naładowani wiedza i z miła chęcią pomagają oraz dziela sie swoja wiedza oraz swoim doświadczeniem ! Jeszcze raz dziękujemy za super szkolenie i na pewno do usłyszenia w niedługiej przyszłości.

Adrian Stalanowski

Great training, very nice conducted with Ewa and Irek, a large dose of concrete and useful materials. Money well invested – I recommend it.

“I heartily recommend Ewe and Irek as a training person from Rent to Rent. I had the pleasure to participate in their training on 21/06/2019 and I am impressed with the knowledge I was given. Everything is well explained with legal aspects, professionally prepared, conducted in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. All the necessary tools for action, such as contracts prepared by a lawyer or a calculator, were included as a gift for all participants of the training. In a word, everything you need to start working, so if you are thinking about investing in real estate and you do not know where to start or want to expand your portfolio with R2R, come to Ewa and Irek for training, and you will get all the information you need and a positive dose of energy to act ! I recommend!”

Paweł Coloszyński

The training organized by Irek and Ewa was very specific and fruitful, with a lot of practical knowledge. With a clear conscience, I can recommend these trainings to everyone, because the knowledge passed on to us is very practical and both an advanced investor and a beginner will find something for themselves. Possibility to ask questions not only about the course, but also about side topics.

A very nice atmosphere. I would highly recommend!!! It was time and money well invested. Regards.

Iwona K-e

What will you get

Full knowledge of how to invest in the R2R system


contract templates and calculators


access to a closed group of alumni


additional income every month


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